Geesje Barents ? (?-?), wife of Barent Van Rotmer
Geesje Barents ?
Spouse/Partner: Barent Van Rotmer (?-bef1632)
Marriage: before 1608
Children: Annetje Barentse Van Rotmer (1608-1661)
Barent Barentse Van Rotmer
2nd Spouse: Pieter Jacobsz ?
2nd Marriage: between 1632 and 1640


Geesje was likely born in the late 16th century in Germany.


Geesje married Barent Van Rotmer (?-bef1632).


Barent and Geesje had at least two children:

Second Marriage to Pieter JacobszEdit

Some time between 1632 and 1640, after the death of her first husband Barent, Geesje married Pieter Jacobsz.

Immigration to New YorkEdit

Geesje came to New Netherland on board "Den Waterhondt" in the fall of 1640. Her husband had already died prior to her immigration.


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