This is part of the family tree of Genghis Khan.

The following mythical ancestors are from The Secret History of the Mongols:
Borte Chino ("grey wolf") and Qo'ai-maral ("beautiful doe")
Batachi Khan
Bodonchar (sometimes Buzanchar)

Qaidu I (c. 1030, united the Mongols and recognized as Kaghan by the Song Emperor)
Qabul Khan
Yesugei - Hoelun

  • Belgutei (not by Hoelun)
  • Bekhter (not by Hoelun)
  • Jöchi Khasar (also simply "Qasar" or "Kasar", or "Khabutu Khasar" - lit. "Khasar the Archer")
  • Temüge
  • Temüjin (Genghis Khan), Khagan 1206-1227 - Borte (principal wife)

    • Jochi (paternity uncertain)

      • Son Orda Khan, founder of the White Horde (Khan 1226-1280) in Kazachstan.

        • Son Kochu, Khan of the White Horde 1280-1302.
      • Son Batu Khan, founder of the Blue Horde, and later of the Golden Horde (or Kipchak Khanate) (Khan 1240-1255) in Russia.

        • Son Sartaq, Khan of the Golden Horde 1255-1256.
        • Toqoqan (?)

          • Mengu-Timur, Khan of the Golden Horde 1266-1282.

            • Toqta
      • Son Berke, Khan of the Golden Horde 1256-1266.
      • Son Sinkur
      • Son Siban
      • Baul/Teval

        • Nogai Khan

          • Chaka of Bulgaria
    • Chagatai Khan, founder of the Chagatai Khanate in present-day Iran, reputed ancestor of Babur of the Mughal Empire in India.

      • Son Mö'etüken

        • Son Qara Hülëgü (d. 1252), Khan of the Chagatai Khanate 1242-1246 and 1252.

          • Son Mubarak Shah, Khan of the Chagatai Khanate 1252-1260 and 1266.
      • Son Yesü Möngke, (d. 1252), Khan of the Chagatai Khanate 1252.
      • Son Alghu, (d. ca. 1266), Khan of the Chagatai Khanate 1260-1266.
      • Son Yesünto'a

        • Son Baraq (Chagatai Khan) (d. 1271), Khan of the Chagatai Khanate 1266-1271.
    • Ögedei Khan, ruled as Khagan 1229-1241.

      • Son Güyük Khan, Khagan 1246-1248.
      • Son Kadan.
      • Son Kashin.

        • Son Kaidu (d. 1301)
    • Tolui - Sorghaghtani Beki

      • Son Kublai Khan, Khagan 1260-1294, founder of Yuan Dynasty in China (as Emperor Shizu).

        • Son Timür, Khan 1294-1307, ruled as Emperor Chengzong of Yuan China.

          • Son Qayshan, Khan 1308-1311, ruled as Emperor Wuzong of Yuan China.

          • See List of Emperors of the Yuan Dynasty and Yuan Dynasty family tree.
      • Son Hulagu founder of the Ilkhanate in Iran and Mesopotamia.

        • Son Abaqa, Il-Khan 1265-1282.

          • Son Arghun, Il-Khan 1284-1291 - Buluqhan Khatan (wife).
          • Son Gaykhatu, Il-Khan 1291-1295 - Padshah Hatun (wife).
        • Son Tekuder (later "Ahmed Tekuder"), Il-Khan 1282-1284.
      • Son Mongke, Khagan 1251-1259.
      • Son Ariq Böke fought Kublai Khan for Khan and lost.


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