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Georg Phillipus Klijn was born before 1754 in Wiesen, Bavaria, Germany and died before 1796 of unspecified causes. He married Sophia Drukenmuller (bef1757-) 15 October 1773 in Amsterdam, Netherlands.


Offspring of Georg Phillipus Klijn and Anna Maria Nieman (bef1754-bef1773)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Johanna Klijn (c1770-) 22 April 1770 Amsterdam, Netherlands Jan de Groot (c1769-)

Cornelia Klijn (c1771-)

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Facts about "Georg Phillipus Klijn (bef1754-bef1796)"RDF feed
Age at death42 +
Birth blurb1754
Birth date1754 +
Birth date-approxbef +
Birth date string1754
Birth latitude50.117 +
Birth localityWiesen, Bavaria +
Birth longitude9.367 +
Birth nationGermany +
Birth nation-subdiv1Bavaria +
Birth place Wiesen, Bavaria, Germany
Birth year1,754 +
Children-g1Johanna Klijn (c1770-) + and Cornelia Klijn (c1771-) +
Children-list1Johanna Klijn (c1770-)+Cornelia Klijn (c1771-)
Death blurb1796
Death date1796 +
Death date-approxbef +
Death date string1796
Death latitude
Death longitude
Death year1,796 +
Desc1Johanna Klijn (c1770-) + and Cornelia Klijn (c1771-) +
Desc2Klaas de Groot (1797-1856) +
Desc3Johanna de Groot (1824-1881) +
Given nameGeorg +
Ifmarried-g2true +
Joined withAnna Maria Nieman (bef1754-bef1773)+Sophia Drukenmuller (bef1757-) +
Joined with-g1Anna Maria Nieman (bef1754-bef1773) +
Joined with-g2Sophia Drukenmuller (bef1757-) +
Long nameGeorg Phillipus Klijn +
Notable ancestors
Page language
SexM +
Short nameGeorg Phillipus Klijn +
SourcesWorldConnect: WorldConnect: [ db: bergsmit, id: I33231 <new note>WorldConnect: db: deunhouwer, id: I238970er&id=I238970 db: deunhouwer, id: I238970]
Spouse latitude
Spouse longitude
SurnameKlijn +
Wedding2 date15 October 1773 +
Wedding2 day15 +
Wedding2 localityAmsterdam +
Wedding2 month10 +
Wedding2 nationNetherlands +
Wedding2 place Amsterdam, Netherlands
Wedding2 year1,773 +

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