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On marriage certificate: George Crawford and Jane Sharp married on 17th June 1858 at Newcastle. George was a bachelor and Jane was a spinster.They were married in the bridegrooms house according to the rites and ceremonies of the Presbyterian Church. George was a miner and they both lived at Newcastle. The minister was William Chaucer of the Presbyterian Church and the witnesses were William Duncan and Archibald McLauchlan.

On death certificate: George died on 28th July 1911 at Mt Keira, North Illawarra. He was an old age pensioner / miner and he was 84 years old. George died of Bronchitis (Chronic), which he'd had for several months and the medical attendant was John KIerr, Registered M.B.C.M. (?) and he last saw George on the 28th July 1911. George's father was also George Crawford, also miner and his mother was Sarah Wedoms (?). The informant was Charles Crawford, Son of Mt Keira. George's death was registered on 29th July 1911 at Wollongong. He was buried on 30th July 1911 at the Presbyterian Cemetery at Wollongong and the undertaker was Henry Parsons. The minister was D. McKay Barnet, Presbyterian and the witnesses were James Rocks and Andrew Brodie. George was born in Dalkeith, Scotland and he'd been in N.S.Wales for 53 years 'only'. He was married in Newcastle,N.S.Wales at 32 years to Jane Sharp. His children were Harriet L. 51 years, Sarah W. 49, Allison 47, John 45, George 41, William 39, Elizabeth 37, Charles 34, Robert 32 and 1 male deceased.


  1. NSW Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages: 1858 / 002304 40 (Marriage), 1911/ 012838 712 (Death)



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