Sanford-George Eloise

George Dewey Sanford II (1925-1994) and Eloise Margerite Sanford (1922- ) in East Rutherford in 1930

George Dewey Sanford II (1925-1994) Marine in South Pacific during WWII and Stereotyper for The New York Times.


George was born in 1925 to George Dewey Sanford I (1898-1965) and Grace May Freudenberg (1904-1981) and he has a sister, Eloise Margerite Sanford (1922- ).


He was in the Marines in the South Pacific during World War II and he received a Purple Heart for being injured in action.


After the war he was a stereotyper for The New York Times.


He was married three times and he had become overweight and had diabetes near the end of his life.


He died in 1994 after a severe bout of depression when he was living in Callicoon Center in Sullivan County.


It is assumed that he was cremated.