George Francis Goldsborough (1859-1894)

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George Francis Goldsborough (1859-1894) Gold Prospector (b. November 30, 1859; Sioux City, Iowa - d. July 18, 1894; California)



Memories about George Francis GoldsboroughEdit

  • Robert Lee Dye (1931- ) on April 15, 2007: The grandfather of Brice Herbert Goldsborough, Charles Francis Goldsborough and Nellie Blythe Goldsborough was George Francis Goldsborough (1859-1894), born November 30, 1859 Sioux City. Disappeared July 18th, 1894 some where in the California gold fields along with Julia Ethel's father, Walter Davidson. Both were despondent due to lack of work and income and felt they could do better mining gold. Additional genealogy note: Gerald Wayne Goldsborough, a first cousin, wrote in his addition to list of Goldsborough Genealogy, posted Nov. 13th, 2001 his genealogy. He lists his uncle as his grandfather. Francis Leroy G. was his fathers brother. His grandfather and my grandfather were one in the same person of Charles Francis G., who was married to Julia Ethel Davidson, 1905 in Council Bluff, Iowa. Am currently trying to meet a self imposed deadline on completion of my book, yet untitled.

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