George James VanNeste (1822-1898) was a reverend


John G. Van Neste and Sarah Wortman


He married Margaret A. Buckalew (1817-1892)


George VanNeste (1848-1849); George Bayles VanNeste (1852-1854) who was born in Bound Brook, New Jersey and died in Lodi, New York; Mary Elizabeth VanNeste (1856-1857) who was born and died in Lodi, New York. Reverend George J. Van Neste served from 1875-1879 at Saint John's Reformed Church in Saint Johnsville, Fulton County, New York.


According to the history of Fort Klock: When the Reverend George J. Van Neste was called to St. Johnsville, on August 09, 1875, his salary was $1250; of this amount the Youker's Bush Church paid $225. [Reverend George James Van Neste served from] September 1, 1875 to December 29, 1878. His charges, as reported in the [church] manual, follow: licensed by Classis of New Brunswick; Bound Brook, 1847-1853; Lodi [New York], 1853-1865; West New Hampstead, 1865-186; Little Falls, New Jersey, 1869-1875; Kiskatom, 1879-1886; Flatbush, Ulster County, New York, 1886-1888; Pottersville, New Jersey, 1888-1892. His call to St. Johnsville was dated, August 09, 1875. Rev. George J. Van Nest, died on Jan. 18, 1898. He was of the seventh generation from Peter Van Nest, who emigrated from Holland and settled on Long Island in 1647. The grandson of the original settler, also named Peter, was called to Somerset county, N. J., by a business appointment in 1694, and in 1712, he bought lands at points near Millstone, New Jersey, this locality in the early days being called Van Nest. His parents were John G. Van Nest and Sarah Wortman; they were married at Weston, April 14, 1814. The Reverend George James, who was their fourth child, was born at Weston, New Jersey, September 22, 1822. He was prepared for college in the Classical Academies at Millstone and Somerville. He graduated from Rutgers College in 1842. He entered New Brunswick Seminary immediately after his graduation and expected to enter the ministry in 1845. His course was interrupted however, by the death of both his parents, at the beginning of his third Seminary year. His father died Nov. 29, 1844; his mother, November 30, 1844. He finally graduated from the Seminary in the class of 1846. On Sept. 23, 1845, he married Margaret Ann Buckelew, the daughter of Peter Buckelew of New Brunswick, just before entering his last year at the Seminary. She died on March 24, 1892. The funeral of the Rev. Mr. Van Nest was from the Reformed Church at Millstone." Reverend VanNeste also served on the Franklin Township school superintendent in 1853.

Burial: Van Nest - Weston Burying Ground

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