Personal factsEdit

  • Occupation: Farmer




  • Katrina Barbara Shade (c1755-c1810)
  • John Shade (1756-1836)
  • Susannah Shade (c1743-c1788)
  • Mary Shade (c1747-c1830)
  • David Shade (1752-1816)
  • Johann Sebasian Shade (c1752-1817)


  • Name: Barbara ? (c1745-)


  • 1767-79 Living in Manchester Twp., York Co., PA
  • 1777 Tyrone Twp., Cumberland Co., PA - Purchased 200 acres from Thomas Kinkaid.
  • 1780 York Co., PA - Mentioned in a petition to the Orphan's Court made by his brother John.

"That the Petitioners Father, near fout Years ago died Intestate; left Elizabeth his widow, and lawful issue to survive him, namely Katrina, now the Wife of Frederick Flick of Antrim Township in Cumberland County, Susanna, now the Wife of Anthony Shatto of Sherman's Valley, in the County of Cumberland; George, his eldest son, John the petitioner, Mary, now the Wife of John Shatto of Sherman's Valley aforesaid and David. That he left a small Improvement........."

  • 1780 George was a member of the Cumberland Militia and served tours of duty in the 5th, 6th, 7th Batt, and also in Capt. James Disher's 5th class, 4th Batt.
  • 1788 Tyrone Twp., Cumberland Co., PA - Sold the 200 acres bought in 1777.
  • 1790 Cumberland Co., PA Census - George Shade 1m16+, 2f.
  • 1793 Used a land warrant, transfering 100 acres to George & Barbara Shade, which he later sold to his brother David.
  • 1800 Cumberland Co., PA Census - 0001-10001-00
  • 1804 Sold 50 acres to George Shuler.



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