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Title (Name for event): Family of George Geer and Martha Hamilton
Husband/ spouse1: George Spencer Geer (1836)
Wife/ spouse2: Martha Hamilton (1832)
Date: 1858/10/03
Ended: 1892/10/09
[[Sources::Diane Martin inquiry letter [1]]]
The page holding this data George Spencer Geer (1836)/Geer-Hamilton
Facts about "George Spencer Geer (1836-1892)/Geer-Hamilton"RDF feed
End date9 October 1892 +
HusbandGeorge Spencer Geer (1836) +
PagenameGeorge Spencer Geer (1836)/Geer-Hamilton +
TitleFamily of George Geer and Martha Hamilton +
WifeMartha Hamilton (1832) +
DateThis property is a special property in this wiki.3 October 1858 +

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