George TOMBAUGH was an American farmer and member of the Brethren Church in Pennsylvania.


He was born 28 October 1796 in Washington County, Pennsylvania. His first home was near Scenery Hill, PA.

In 1817, he married Susanna Myers (1796-1850)

Together they moved to Miami County, Indiana and had settled in Perry Township by 1840.

There is a building (now a tavern) near Scenery Hill with the inscription on a "signature stone" above the doorway which reads: "For G. & S. Tombaugh, 1832" [1]


Children of George TOMBAUGH and Susanna MYERS:

  • Lucinda TOMBAUGH, b. 1818 in Washington Co., PA
  • Hannah TOMBAUGH, b. c1820 in Washington Co., PA
  • Elizabeth TOMBAUGH, b. 1822 in Washington Co., PA
  • Levi TOMBAUGH, b. 1826 in Washington Co., PA
  • Aaron TOMBAUGH, b. 1828 in Washington Co., PA
  • Maryanne TOMBAUGH, b. 1831 in Washington Co., PA
  • Susannah TOMBAUGH, b. 1834 in Washington Co., PA
  • George W. TOMBAUGH, b. c1836
  • Jacob M. TOMBAUGH, b. c1839 in Miami Co., IN


George died 19 June 1880 in Miami Co., Indiana. His first wife, Susanna, died thirty years earlier in 1850.


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