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George Whittle (1851 - 1889)


Early LifeEdit

George Whittle was born in Lambeth, London, Middlesex (Surrey). George worked as a printer compositor, someone who set the print types. George died sadly young in 1889 in Camberwell aged just thirty-eight.

Marriages and ChildrenEdit

George married firstly in Camberwell in 1873, aged twenty-two. His young bride was Mary Ann Watts (1855-1877). That couple had the following child:

In 1877 Mary Ann died in Camberwell aged tragically young, just twenty-one years old. In 1878 aged twenty-seven in Camberwell, George married secondly, to Margaret Laurie Henderson. The couple had the following child:

  • Donald Campbell Whittle (1879-1967)

Margaret died in Isle of Wright in 1931.

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