George Edward? WOOD
Sex: M
Birth: 20?.10.1808
Baptism: 23.10.1808
Death: 23.08.1886
Father: William
Mother: Catherine ( nee Terry )
Spouse/Partner: Elizabeth Ann ( nee Cheesman, nee Bell? )
Marriage: 18.04.1833

Born Offham, Kent, England. Described as "Farmer". Had 3 children with Elizabeth by 1838. Emigrated to NZ as part of NZ Company Scheme. Sailed on "Bolton" from Gravesend 10.30am 19.11.1839, arrived Port Nicholson ( Welligton ) 30.04.1840. More Information: Book: "White Wings" by Sir Henry Brett. Ships passenger manifest: Lost Infant daughter ( Mary Ann ) on Voyage ( Died at Sea ) 1 Child born in Wellington ( John William ) 5 Children born Auckland Family left NZ for NSW ( Australia ) 1862. Two Adult sons left in NZ: George Edward and Thomas. George Edward WOOD Killed by falling tree in Scone, NSW, 1886


Name Birth Death
Children of ,,,

Edward George WOOD 23.03.1834
Ryash, Kent, England
Not known

George Edward Wood 10.04.1836
Offham, Kent, England
Gisborne, NZ

Mary Ann WOOD 22.07.1838
Offham, Kent, England
on Board "Bolton" during emigation voyage, buried at Sea

John William WOOD ?.?.1840
Not Known

Jane WOOD ?.?.1842
Not known

John William WOOD ?.?.1842
Not known

Robert George WOOD ( twin? ) ?.?.1844
Not known

Thomas Wood ( twin? ) ?.?.1844
Not known

Sarah WOOD 22.04.1847
Not known

James WOOD 21.07.1852
Not known

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