Gerrit II van Culemborg (c1381-bef1466)

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Facts about "Gerrit II van Culemborg (c1381-bef1466)"RDF feed
Age at death85 +
AncestryNetherlands +, Germany +, France +, United Kingdom +, Belgium +, Russia +, Ukraine +, Byzantine Empire + and Italy +
Birth blurb1381
Birth date1381 +
Birth date-approxc +
Birth date string1381
Birth latitude
Birth longitude
Birth year1,381 +
Children-g1Willem Gerritsz van Culemborg (c1427-bef1476) +, Hubert van Culemborg (c1430-bef1481) + and Hendrick van Culemborch (c1430) +
Children-list1Willem Gerritsz van Culemborg (c1427-bef1476)+Hubert van Culemborg (c1430-bef1481)+Hendrick van Culemborch (c1430)
Death blurb16 March 1466
Death date16 March 1466 +
Death date-approxbef +
Death date string16 March 1466
Death day16 +
Death latitude
Death longitude
Death month3 +
Death year1,466 +
Desc1Willem Gerritsz van Culemborg (c1427-bef1476) +, Hubert van Culemborg (c1430-bef1481) + and Hendrick van Culemborch (c1430) +
Desc2Gerrit Hubertsz van Culemborg (c1460) +, Zweder Hubertsz van Culemborg (c1460-aft1517) + and Sweder van Culemborg (c1465-aft1502) +
Desc3Hadewych Swedersdr van Culemborg (?-?) +
FatherGerard I van Culemborg (c1335-1394) +
Given nameGerrit +
Ifmarried-g1true +
Joined withGijsberta van Zuylen van Nyevelt (c1400-aft1466) +
Joined with-g1Gijsberta van Zuylen van Nyevelt (c1400-aft1466) +
Long nameGerrit II van Culemborg +
MotherBaerte van Egmond (1334-c1413) +
Notable ancestorsCharlemagne (747-814) +, Alfred the Great (849-899) +, William I of England (1027-1087) +, Hugh Capet (c940-996) + and Rurik (c832-879) +
Page language
SexM +
Short nameGerrit II van Culemborg +
SourcesAWT: db: bergsmit, id: I29469 <new note>AWT: db: deunhouwer, id: I146047
Spouse latitude
Spouse longitude
SurnameVan Culemborg +

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