Gerrit Overmars (5 January 1885 - October 1970) was born in the Netherlands and resided in Kent, Michigan.


Gerrit Overmars was born on 5 January 1885 in the Netherlands. His parents were Hendrikus Overmars (1836-1893) and Johanna Albarta Hendriks.

Gerrit arrived in Ellis Island on 25 August 1913, coming from Rotterdam, on the ship Noordam, and his ultimate destination was Grand Rapids, Michigan.

On 27 September 1913 in Grand Rapids, Gerrit married Frederika Legerwei (born about 1886 in the Netherlands; daughter of Johann Lagerwei and Ferdirika Peters) and had one child:

  • Henry John Overmars (30 July 1915 - 24 August 2009) who married Ruth Elizabeth Smith (1 October 1913 - 16 April 2008)

Gerrit passed away in October 1970 in Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan aged eighty-five. He probably outlived his wife.

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