Four or more generations of descendants of Gislebert van Loon (?-c1045) if they are properly linked:
1. Gislebert van Loon (?-c1045)

2. Emmon van Loon (?-1078)
3. Arnold I van Loon (1060-1135)
4. Gerard van Loon (?-aft1103)
4. Arnold II van Loon (1080-1139)
5. Lodewijk I van Loon (-1171) (more)
5. Gerard I van Rieneck (?-1155) (more)
4. Otto von Rieneck (?-1135)
4. Gottschalk van Loon (?-aft1139)
3. Dirk van Horn (c1057-1125)
4. Dirk van Horn (?-aft1147)
4. Herman van Horn (?-1156)
4. Unknown van Horn (?-?)
3. Reinoud van Loon (c1059-aft1131)
3. Sophie van Loon (c1050-bef1075)
4. Coloman of Hungary (c1070-1116)
5. Sophia of Hungary (bef1101-c1148) (more)
5. Stephen II of Hungary (1101-1131) (more)
5. Ladislaus of Hungary (?-?) (more)
5. Boris Kalamanos (c1113-c1154) (more)
4. Álmos of Hungary (c1070-1127)
5. Adelaide of Hungary (c1106-1140) (more)
5. Béla II of Hungary (c1110-1141) (more)
5. Hedwig of Hungary (1107-c1138) (more)
3. Mathilde van Loon (c1053-c1100)
2. Otto de Duras (c1020-1101)
3. Bovo de Duras (c1040-c1087)
4. Simon de Waha
4. Julien de Waha
4. Hugel de Waha (c1060-c1107)
5. Lambert de Waha (c1080-1123) (more)
4. Bovo de Waha
4. Jean de Waha
3. Gislebert de Duras (bef1040-bef1138)
4. Otto II de Duras
4. Conon de Duras
4. Giselbert de Duras
4. Gerard de Duras
4. Thierry de Duras
4. Bruno de Duras
4. Fille de Duras
2. Herman van Gronsveld (c1035-c1082)
3. Giselbert van Gronsveld (c1065-aft1135)
4. Wijnand van Gronsveld
4. Wery van Gronsveld
4. Philip van Gronsveld
4. Arnold van Gronsveld
3. Arnold van Elsloo
3. Hendrik van Gronsveld
3. Bertold van Gronsveld

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