This page is a quick reference for "given names". Each can have its own page using {{Given}}.

Name Key for Familypedia
Name Origin Alternative spellings Meaning Historical significance Cultural context
Karen Greek, Danish Caren, Caron, Carren, Carrin, Carron, Carryn, Caryn, Carynn, Carynne, Kaaryn, Karin, Karon, Karren, Karrin, Karryn, Karyn, Kerrynn, Keryn Greek/Danish: Pure.
Kiara Celtic Keara, Keearra, Keira, Kiarah, Kiarra, Kierra, Kiera all from the Irish Ciara. Small, dark. Kiara is derived from the name Ciara, which was the name of two Irish saints. Kiara is the name of Simba's daughter from Walt Disney's The Lion King II; Keira became a more popular name after Keira Knightley became internationally famous.
Krishna Krsna

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