Gladys E Foor was born 3 June 1911 in Bedford County, Pennsylvania, United States to Jacob Hartzell Foor (1860-1940) and Carrie L Shaffer (1870-1958) and died 10 April 1991 of unspecified causes. She married Brady A Ramsey (1908-1983) 13 October 1930 . Ancestors are from the United States, Scotland, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Germany.

Public Records

  • 1920 Census - East Providence, Bedford County, Pennsylvania #37/38
    • Jacob H Foor, 59 PA, farmer
    • Carrie L Foor, 49 PA
    • Harold Foor, 14 PA, farm laborer
    • Wilma Foor, 12 PA
    • Gladys Foor, 8 PA
    • Sebert Foor, 32 PA, widowed, farm laborer
    • Maynard S Foor, 10 PA, grandson
    • Mirona M Foor, 8 PA, granddaughter
    • Oren V Foor, 5 PA, grandson

Footnotes (including sources)

Ω Birth
₪ Wedding
¶ Death



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