Google Page Creator
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Developer(s) Google
Operating system Any (web based application)
Type Multimedia Internet publishing

Google Page Creator was a website creation and hosting service by Google. It was a tool for basic website design, requiring no HTML knowledge. During development, it was codenamed Trogdor, a reference to the popular Homestar Runner website. As of August 2008, Google Pages had over 3 million users according to Google's own index.

In September 2008, Google announced that it would not accept new sign-ups to Page Creator, instead encouraging users to use Google Sites. The service had been shut down in 2009, while existing published pages migrated to Google Sites. Google Sites have URLS now such as

Suggestions for Improvement Edit

Spammers could harvest gmail addresses by editing "" to "". Perhaps to address this vulnerability to spammers, Google allowed the user to "Create another site", which would be a new address within the domain. To avoid spammers, one could create a new site and hide the default site, which contains one's gmail username.

Lacking the ability to link to external CSS means in-page CSS had to be utilized, and such style code could not change the basic structure of the templates. Some critics had claimed that the templates and limited customization would lead to similar problems (such as large numbers of sites with uninteresting, 'identikit' designs) as were experienced by the GeoCities service in the late 1990s.[1] An earlier criticism that Google's own Adsense program and similar services were not available in the Page Creator and required a hack to work. It had been addressed by the ability to include JavaScript in Page Creator.

Google launched a product called Google Sites in February 2008 and had stopped accepting new sign-ups for Page Creator. Google's About Google Page Creator page states that: "If you are currently a Page Creator user, you can continue to use Page Creator and your pages will automatically be transitioned to Google Sites later this year."[2]

Google Sites has fewer templates than Page Creator. Another disadvantage is that Google Sites does not allow importing an independently created HTML file. Google has also not explained whether the transition to Google Sites will include transition of any presence in the Google index of Googlepages sites.


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