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Gotlieb Frederick Kahrar (1834-1911) Veteran US Civil War; Gardner (b. November 1834, Tubingen, Germany - d. July 23, 1911, Jersey City, Hudson County, New Jersey, USA)




Memories about Gotlieb Frederick KahrarEdit

  • Michael Anthony Dowd (1964) writes: "Gotlieb had a really strange migration in the US. He arrived in Jersey City, New Jersey in 1864, left his wife and children there while he went off to fight during the last weeks of the Civil War. He returned to Jersey City, New Jersey at the end of the war then took his family to Akron, Ohio where they stayed till about 1877. By 1878 they were back in Jersey City where his daughter Mary Louis Kahrar was married. He was listed in the 1880 census on 45 Carlton Avenue. He stayed in that neighborhood working as a gardener until his death in 1911."


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