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Grizzel Gibson was born 29 July 1807 in South Lanarkshire, Scotland, United Kingdom to Alexander Gibson (c1760-) and Agnes Moffat (c1760-) and died 24 December 1888 in United States of unspecified causes. She married Robert Swan (1802-1878) . Ancestors are from the United Kingdom.


Offspring of Alexander Gibson and Marion Waddle (c1770-)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Grace or Grizzel Gibson (1807-1888) 29 July 1807 South Lanarkshire, Scotland, United Kingdom 24 December 1888 United States Robert Swan (1802-1878)

Alice Gibson (c1798-)
James Gibson (c1800-1878) 1800 Newsteading, South Lanarkshire, Scotland, United Kingdom 7 May 1878 Healthfield, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada Janet Reid (c1800-c1840)

Alexander Gibson (c1802-)
Agnes Gibson (c1796-)
Helen Gibson (1790-1864) 1790 Scotland, United Kingdom 1864 United States James Renwick (1784-1845)


Offspring of Grizzel Gibson and Robert Swan (1802-1878)  ¢
Name Birth Death Joined with
Marien Swan (c1829-) 1829 Scotland, United Kingdom John William Lyons (c1823-c1891)

John Swan (c1832-)
Janet or Jeannette Swan (c1834-)
Robert Swan (1838-1872) 18 October 1838 Ross Township, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, United States 29 September 1872 Ross Township, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, United States Sarah M. Unknown (1842-1896)

Grace Swan (c1841-)
Jane or Jean G. Swan (1844-1921) 10 October 1844 Pennsylvania, United States 20 March 1921 United States William Crider (1830-1912)

Samuel Swan (c1848-)
James Swan (c1850-)


Footnotes (including sources)

‡ General
  • Parents' birth years are merely estimated; probable years could be later, in view of the c1846 birth of granddaughter. Mother's name could be quite different - see
  • Family letter and IGI etc. FamilySearch couldn't find her in 2017 even with birth range 1795-1825. However, that was for "Grace". With date and alternative name from tombstone, we may have more luck getting a birth record.
Ω Birth
¢ Children
  • Other children included several who died young. Marien became Mrs Lyons and (according to mid-20th-century letter) had children Will Lyons, Samuel Lyons, Robert Lyons, Janet Lyons, Jean Lyons, and Annie Lyons, but the 1880 census doesn't quite match that list. John - 1860 census and 1870 census - was said to have had children Robert Swan, Grace Swan, Mary Swan, Annie Swan, Janet Swan, and John Swan" close match with 1870 census.
  • 1850 census shows a bit at number 1052:
  • Allegheny city, ward 3, Allegheny, Pennsylvania - very faint, and transcriber didn't try hard enough, but clearly "Swan" to this researcher and to at least one FamilySearch index
  • Robert Leoan Male 48 White 1802 Scotland
  • Guyer Leoan Female 43 White 1807 Scotland
  • John Sloan Male 18 White 1832 Pennsylvania
  • Jennett Sloan Female 16 White 1834 Pennsylvania
  • Robert Sloan Male 13 White 1837 Pennsylvania
  • Grace Sloan Female 9 White 1841 Pennsylvania
  • Jane Sloan Female 6 White 1844 Pennsylvania
  • Samuel Sloan Male 2 White 1848 Pennsylvania
  • James Sloan Male 0 White 1850 Pennsylvania
  • Mary Banner Female 34 White 1816 Germany
  • Alexander Gibson Male 48 White 1802 Scotland
  • James Gowdy Male 16 White 1834 Pennsylvania
  • Alexander was Grace's unmarried brother, who was still with them in 1870
¶ Death


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