Griffen Warren

Illegitimate Son of John de Warenne (1231-1304), 6th Earl of Surrey

Griffinus de Warenna - latin spelling in their records.

Vital Stats Edit

  • Father: John de Warenne (1231-1304), 6th Earl of Surrey
  • Mother: Unknown
  • 1288 (ABT) : Birth in Arundel, England.
  • 1310 (ABT) : Marriage to Isabel de Pulford, sister of Robert, rector of Coddington, Cheshire, widow 1286 and 1298.
  • Died (sometime after 1320, birth of son John) in Newbourne, Woodbridge, Suffolk Co, England.

Biography Edit

From the information I have, the first Griffen Warren was a natural son of The 6th Earl of Warren and Surrey but not by his wife and therefore illegitimate. The name of his mother seems to have been lost but this is a known line and further details together with family trees can be found in "Memoirs of the Earls of Warren and Surrey", by Watson, first published in 1782 and recently reproduced on CD rom - see

Another reference can be found in " A History and genealogy of the Warren Family", by Rev. Thomas Warren, first published in 1902 This has been reprinted on several occasions and I have an address in UK where to the best of my knowledge, these can still be obtained.

Added Info Edit

But here is the descent as it is usually given:

  1. William de Warenne, Earl of Surrey, son of Hameline "Plantagenet."
  2. Griffin de Warren, illegitimate son, dead 1286, m. Isabel de Pulford, sister of Robert, rector of Coddington, Cheshire, widow 1286 and 1298.
  3. John de Warren, lord of Ightfield jure ux (through marriage), liv. 1289, m. Audelin, daughter and heir of Griffin de Albo Monasterio/Whitchurch [these earliest two generations seem kind of suspicious].
  4. Griffin de Warren of Ightfield, m. Wynifred, d. & coh. of William Broxlon of Chester.
  5. John de Warren of Ightfield, liv. 1314, 1335, m. Ellen, d. of John Chorleton.
  6. Griffin de Warren of Ightfield, d. 1356, m. Maud/Matilda, d. of Fulke, Lord Strange of Blackmere, afterwards married Sir Piers (or Peter) de Cornwall, lord of Kinlet, Shropshire.
  7. Griffin de Warren of Ightfield, m. Margaret Corbet, daughter of Sir Piers de Corbet.
  8. John Warren of Ightfield, d. ca. 1413, m. Matilda/ Margaret/ Emma, daughter of Sir John Cheney of Willaston.
  9. Margaret Warren, sister and coheir, m. William Mainwaring, d. 1498/9, had Ightfield, Shropshire, and Stratton, in Tilston, Cheshire, with lands in Broxton. But I don't have Morris's notes to the pedigree so I don't know what further evidence he uses to estrablish the line.

Peerage of Hull Family Edit

The peerage for the Hull Family shows descendancy as follows:

"William Hull of Hull and Wonkeslow, esq, who flourished in the reign of Richard II, who was succeeded by his son, Griffith (or Geoffrey) living temp. Henry IV, who had issue by his wife Margaret, sister of Griffith Warren, Lord of Ightfield, in com. sol & esq, who had an heir, Humphrey who was commonly called Hill."

Richard II - reigned from 1377-1399

Henry IV - reigned from 1399-1413

Multiple sources claim this Griffith Warren was a descendant of the Earls of Warenne.

Ightfelt Church History Edit

History of the Church of Saint John the Baptist in Ightfelt, Shropshire, England.

One Roger ‘de Gehtefeld’ [how spelling of the name ‘Ightfield’ varies!], no doubt a descendant of Gerard de Torney, held Ightfield in 1211, but a few years later one Griffen de Warreyn, from Whitchurch castle, had inherited it. By 1272 Griffen’s son-in-law, John William Mainwaring, a scion of a well known Norman family, was in possession of Ightfield. But there were disputes over landholdings. The glebe the land held by the Church was substantial and, inevitably, arguments about land broke out between the Church and the Lord of the Manor: the earliest recorded being a dispute between the Mainwarings and Parson John in 1292. The Mainwarings would hold the manor until 1707.

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Whitchurch, Shropshire UK: Whitchurch Shrophire Heritage Center - Whitchurch is the oldest continuous settlement in Shropshire County. It is located in close proximity to Ightfield. Northern Shropshire UK: Discover Shropshire History -

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References Edit

  • Memoirs of the Ancient Earls of Warren and Surrey, and Their Descendants to the Present Time by John Watson pg 215-220. He cites Vincent's Cheshire that is said to contain a complete pedigree of this Griffinus de Warenna, son of John Warenne, Earl of Surrey.
  • Warenne Family Ancestry -