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Griffen Warren (JohnG) was born in Newborne, England about 1355.

Griffen Warren and Matilda De Blackmere had the following child:

child + 3 i. Griffen Warren was born about 1390.

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Warenne Family History Edit

3.John Warren Lord of Ightfield, Son of Griffen Warren ( illegitimate son of Sir John de Warrenne 6th Earl of Surrey) and Isabel de Pulford. The Pulford family is of ancient lineage (see Isabel de Pulford). John Warren became Lord of Ightfield , Shropshire, England through his marriage to Audelin de Albo Monasterio/Whitchurch. Ightfield was mentioned as ISTEFELT in the Domesday Book and though not as important as some parishes in the area, it had its own priest which implies an established community which had its own church. The constant necessity of defending their territories against the Welsh prompted the Norman lords of Shropshire to such activity in castle-building that out of 186 castles in England no less than 32 are in this county. Shropshire became a key area within the Welsh Marches

Here is the descent as it is usually given: 1. William de Warenne, Earl of Surrey, son of Hameline "Plantagenet." 2. Griffin de Warren, illegitimate son, dead 1286, m. Isabel de Pulford, sister of Robert, rector of Coddington, Cheshire, widow 1286 and 1298. 3. John de Warren, lord of Ightfield jure ux (through marriage), liv. 1289, m. Audelin, daughter and heir of Griffin de Albo Monasterio/Whitchurch [these earliest two generations seem kind of suspicious]. 4. Griffin de Warren of Ightfield, m. Wynifred, d. & coh. of William Broxlon of Chester. 5. John de Warren of Ightfield, liv. 1314, 1335, m. Ellen, d. of John Chorleton. 6. Griffin de Warren of Ightfield, d. 1356, m. Maud/Matilda, d. of Fulke, Lord Strange of Blackmere, afterwards married Sir Piers (or Peter) de Cornwall, lord of Kinlet, Shropshire. 7. Griffin de Warren of Ightfield, m. Margaret Corbet, daughter of Sir Piers de Corbet. 8. John Warren of Ightfield, d. ca. 1413, m. Matilda/ Margaret/ Emma, daughter of Sir John Cheney of Willaston. 9. Margaret Warren, sister and coheir, m. William Mainwaring, d. 1498/9, had Ightfield, Shropshire, and Stratton, in Tilston, Cheshire, with lands in Broxton. But I don't have Morris's notes to the pedigree so I don't know what further evidence he uses to establish the line. Sources: Memoirs of the Ancient Earls of Warren and Surrey, and Their Descendants to the Present Time by John Watson pg 215-220. He cites Vincent's Cheshire that is said to contain a complete pedigree of this Griffinus de Warenna, son of John Warenne, Earl of Surrey.

Hull / LeStrange Ancestry Using Warenne LineEdit

Fulk( First Baron Strange of Blackmere) Le Strange (1267 - 1324)-Birth 1267 in Blackmere Manor, Shropshire, England Death 23 Jan 1324 in Blakemere, Weobley, Herefordshire, England m. Lady Eleanor Baroness Strange of Blackmere De Giffard Birth Dec 1272 in Cirencester, Gloucestershire, England Death 23 Jan 1324 in Blackmere Manor, Herefordshire, England Son of Robert Matilda LeStrange (1306 - 1334)-Birth 1306 in Ellesmere, Shropshire, England Death 1334 in England m. Griffith DeWarenne Birth 1300 in Shropshire, England Death 1356 in England Daughter of Fulk( First Baron Strange of Blackmere) Griffith DeWarenne (1326 - 1405)-Birth 1326 in Shropshire, England Death 7 Mar 1405 in England m. Margaret Corbet Birth 1330 in Shropshire, England Death 14 Jan 1405 in Shawbury, Shropshire, England Son of Matilda John De Warenne (1352 - )-Birth 1352 in Whitchurch, Shropshire, England Death in Lightfield, Shropshire, England m. Emma De Cheney Birth 1359 in Willaston, Cheshire, England Death in England Son of Griffith Margaret De Warenne (1378 - 1437)-Birth 1378 in Lightfield, Shropshire, England Death 1437 in Over Paeover, Cheshire, England m. Griffith Hull (Hill) Birth 1372 England Death 1433 England Daughter of John Humprey Hull (1404 - 1484)-Birth 1404 in Metley, Staffordshire, England Death 1484 in England m. Agnes Bird Birth 1410 in Malpas, Cheshire, England Death in Shropshire, England Son of Margaret