Guillermo Romero was the son of Narciso Romero (1855-1924) and Demetria Velasquez (1869-?). He was born in October 1893 in El Valle, Taos County, New Mexico.


He married Ma. Matilde TRUJILLO, daughter of Jose Benito TRUJILLO and Ma. Rafaela CORDOVA.


  • Juan Florencio Romero, b. 1921
  • Rosita Odilia "Rosa" (twin) Romero, b. 1925
  • Ruben (twin) Romero, b. 1925
  • Priscilla Romero, b. 1930
  • Candido Romero, b.
  • Ma. Lucilla/Lucille Romero, b. 1934
  • Leo Romero, b. 1936


At the age of 55, Guillermo died on 17 June 1949 in Bernalillo County, New Mexico. He was buried in Llano, NM.


  • 1910 U.S. Census: New Mexico Territory/Taos County
  • 1920 U.S. Census: New Mexico/Taos County
  • 1930 U.S. Census: New Mexico/Taos County

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