Gunborg Haglund, nee Östlund was born 1 July 1929 in Väja, Västernorrland County, Sweden to Johan Konrad Östlund (1886-1971) and Hulda Ottea Wåglund (1897-1987) . She married Lennart Haglund (1928) .

Gunborg 2007

Gunborg in 2007


Born Gunborg Julia Östlund July 1 1929 in Väja, Ytterlännäs parish, Västernorrland county, Sweden.


Hulda Ottea Östlund b. Wåglund October 22 1897 in Ytterlännäs parish, Västernorrland county, d. August 19 1987 in Varberg parish, Halland county, Sweden.

Johan Konrad Östlund, b. August 3 1886, d. December 2 1971, the same parishes as Hulda.

Married in Ytterlännäs parish, Västernorrland county May 8 1926.


Gunborg at appr. 13

Gunborg at appr. 13

6 years elementary school in Väja, Ytterlännäs parish, county Västernorrland. Vocational education.


In Varberg, Halland county, Sweden April 22 1950 to Ulf Lennart Sebastian Haglund.

Ulf Stefan Haglund
Björn Mikael Haglund
Vanja Eva Haglund
Lena Elisabet Haglund, married Geiser

Professional life

Gunborg at 58.

Gunborg at 58.

Before marriage 1950 various jobs: waitress, factory worker. From 1966-1991 home help and assistant nurse (Sw:hemsamarit) in Varberg.

Footnotes (including sources)


  L Haglund, Robin Patterson

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