Gunder Jacobsen of Sokndal
Gunder Jacobsen
Sex: Male
Birth: Norway
Father: Jacob
Mother: Ingebor (possibly)
Spouse/Partner: Anne Marie Olsdatter
Children: Jakob Gundersen (1766-1838) (possibly)
Oline Gundersdatter (1771-?)
Edel Maria Gundersdatter (1773-?)


While Gunder and Anna were married in Sokndal, there is no guarantee that either of them were born there. There was at least one Gunder Jacobsen, however, born around the correct time in Sokndal, to parents Jacob and Ingebor of Fidje. Further research is required to establish Gunder's parentage.


Children Oline and Edel Maria definitely belong to Gunder and Anna. Jakob, however, maly belong to different Gunder Jacobsen, although it is not likely.

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