Guthrie Raynes Plante (1872-1931)

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Dr. Guthrie Raynes Plante M.D. (1872-1931) was born in 1872 in Temuka, Canterbury, New Zealand and died in October 1931 in Australia aged fifty-nine.


Guthrie Raynes Plante was born in 1872 to English-born parents Isabella Guthrie (1848-) and Thomas Crowther Plante (1838-1919), a merchant. Guthrie had the following siblings: Curtis Crowther (1870-?), Robert Stuart (1873-?), Isabella Steele (1874-1948), Ada Mary (1875-1950), Jessie Jane (1877-1964), Edward Guthrie Blissett (1880-?), Mary Agnes (1880-1964), Mabel (1882-?), Alice Edith (1886-1944) and Thomas Halkett Dawson (1888-1955).

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