The Davis family research project was started in the early 1960's by Donna Stephens, when she was in her late teens. By the 1980's a good deal of information was collected on the entire family, including links to Mary Queen of Scots. Unfortunately, a house fire destroyed the paper-based genealogy, leaving only scattered bits of the family history.

In 1999, Gia Davis, Donna's daughter, began to pick up the pieces of the history and began her own research. by 2000, her brother Guy Davis had joined in on the search, and the two worked in conjunction with their mother to recreate the tattered information from the history, including their father's family tree as well (Not initially collected by Donna, as her research pre-dated her marriage to Mike Davis). Using family bibles and recorded stories, Gia and Guy managed to piece a lot of the family history back together.

With the passing of Donna in 2002, the two children were forced to continue the family research without her. Sadly, the connection with Mary, Queen of Scots was never learned before her death (And still has not been found as of June 2007).

The original tree was built on a MyFamily site, but later was moved to Familypedia as the MyFamily site was too limiting and proved too difficult to navigate. Though both are still being maintained by Gia. [Update: discontinued its My Family sites in about 2015.]

The majority of the footwork on the family project has been done by Gia, who has verified sources and searched censuses for hours on end. Guy (the more net-savvy of the two) simply provided the heavy Web research (And the design of the Wiki pages).

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  • Christina Keith (1512-1553) - research needed; was this individual really two people that had two generations at 8 years old? Or was this one individual who has become split over the years? [Later renamed "Christina Keith" but reverted owing to probabilities!]

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