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Origin: Britain
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Variant(s): Haggar
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Hagger is an uncommon surname of British origin. The same people are often recorded with alternate spellings of this surname on different records, and often close family members are recorded differently. The most common alternate spelling to Hagger is Haggar. To avoid confusion, all people with the surname Hagger/Haggar may be spelt as Hagger, as the majority of family members, both past and present, use that spelling.


There are three main theories of the origin of the name Hagger.

  1. The first, and most widely accepted, is a variation of a wood cutter in what is now part of Germany. According to the online Surname Database, Hagger is an variation of the name Haggart. According to the site, this gives the surname two possible meanings.
    1. The first is a medieval nickname for someone who was thought to be wild or untamed. Haggart came from the French word for hedge, implying something undisclosed, with no boundaries, hence wild or untamed.
  2. The second theory is that Haggart came from a falconer, as the name Haggart was also the word used for a falcon of a certain maturity.

There are, of course, many other possibilities and theories, and no way of confirming the facts.

Early historyEdit

The earliest person recorded with a variation of the name is one Ivo Hacgard, dated in 1273. An early marriage of a Hagger is that of John Hagger to Anne Smith in St. Peter-le-Poer, London, on 9 December 1606.


The English county of Hertfordshire has become synonymous with the surname Hagger. Many Hagger's have come from Therfield and Norton.


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