Question120px-Circle-question-blue.svg Hamilton Cemetery, Bedford Township, Calhoun County, Michigan, USA

On July 15, 2000, I attempted to locate the Hamilton Cemetery in Bedford Township.

The town of Hamilton, if it ever existed, no longer exists. The area was called Hamilton because of the number of Hamilton-surnamed people who had lived there at one time.

Being unable to locate the cemetery driving along V Drive, I spoke to a resident who had lived in the area for 56 years. He said he had never seen nor heard of a cemetery in that area. I spoke with another resident who had lived in the area his entire life (76 years). The story he had always heard was that there was a cemetery there at one time, but that the bodies had been moved. (This, he reported, was the same story his father heard, who was born in 1890.) He had never seen any cemetery and, apart from guessing that there was a flat spot in a wheat field in section 7 near V Drive, did not know where it might have been.

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