Hammon Wilkerson
Sex: male
Birth: 1747
Death: May 12 1825
Father: William Wilkerson
Spouse/Partner: unknown
2nd Spouse: Olive
2nd Marriage: c1787

Hammon Wilkerson and William Wilkinson, Jr. are found in the Company of Captain Sol. John Wilkerson, David Wilkerson, and Hazlewood Wilkerson are found in Captain James Yancey's Company of Foot. From 1776 to 1785, .Hammon Wilkerson. of Granville County, North Carolina is mentioned in Deed books and tax records. On October 14 1788 Hammon first appears in Wilkes County, Georgia land, and church records again with names like Hazelwood Wilkerson. Then in 1793 Hammon is on the Baldwin County Tax list. In 1794 he is in Putnam County. In 1799 Harmon Wilkinson, Olive Wilkinson and Penny Wilkinson are listed members of the Beall Springs Church, others mentioned Hugh Wilkinson, Luvicy Wilkinson. A Church in Putnam County, Georgia, constituted 27 June 1807 lists: Elizabeth Wilkerson, Hammon Wilkerson Olive Wilkerson. There are many references to the estate of Hammon Wilkerson, of Jasper County, Georgia, in the Georgia Journal Abstracts. Hammon in found on the 1820 census for Monticello, Jasper County, Georgia, on page 254, with four males in the 16-26 age group, one in 26-45, and one over 45, one female over 45, and six slaves. Living adjacent to him are Simion Wilkerson, Rueben Wilkerson, Thomas Wilkerson, Abel Wilkerson, and John Wilkerson. They are all listed in the tax records for that county in 1824.

Hammon's will is recorded in Jasper County, Georgia, Will Book J. Records on 8 November 1830, by A.R. Buchannon, ccd Jeptha and Simeon Wilkinson/Wilkerson were named administrators of the estate of Hammon. His land is discribed as an estimated 227 acres. Regarding the estate of Hammon Wilkerson, list the legatees and their portion as follows:

  • John Wilkerson & William Spivey - $285.25
  • Elijah Wilkerson - $285.25
  • Wiliam Wilkerson - $283.88
  • Abel Wilkerson - $283.05
  • Rueben Wilkerson - $299.00
  • Zarah Wilkerson - $292.32
  • Jephtha Wilkerson - $283.05
  • Lemuel Wilkerson - $283.81
  • Caleb Wilkerson - $283.15
  • Eldred Wilkerson - $283.07
  • Simion Wilkerson - $283.05

It further indicates that Olive Wilkerson, widow, received $86.81 and divided the rest of her portion of the estate ($32.68 to each) among Zarah, Jeptha, Lemuel, Caleb, Eldred, and Simion, "her only children". Indicating the older children were from a previous marriage. The total dispersion came to $3428.33. This division was recorded on November 8, 1830. J. Wilkerson, administrator.


Name Birth Death


John Wilkerson c1772
North Carolina
September 1863
Butler Alabama

Elijah Wilkerson c1774
North Carolina

Able Wilkerson c1775
North Carolina
Realtown Tallapoosa Alabama

William Wilkerson c1777
Granville North Carolina

Ruben Wilkerson c1787
North Carolina
Chambers Alabama

Zarah Wilkerson c1787
North Carolina

Jephtha Wilkerson c1791
Wilks Georgia
15 June 1852
Chambers Alabama

Lemuel Wilkerson c1792
Putnam Georgia

Caleb Wilkerson c1793
Baldwin Georgia

Eldred Wilkerson September 1795
Putnam Georgia
16 Oct 1861
Macon Alabama

Simion Wilkerson c1797