This is MEDAL of HONOR WINNER......A man that showed valor under Fire and lived to collect his Medal alive. One of 88-He was a Machinist in Navy during the BOXER REBELLION. HE is My Grandfather Charles Hanfod's Cousin. This Picture is in our Family Collection. He is Buried in San MdalofHonor CemeterySection.....think"Sand Pebbles" He came for a visit in Kansas City/Independence---My older boy resembles.....

BOXER REBELLION,-This picture is of Burke Hanford, who was my Grandfather Charles Hanford's first Cousin. He received the Medal of Honor....He is only one of 88 that received this Honor when alive. Today is buried in San Diego'.

He is a descendant of the Hanford Brothers who fought in the Ohio Volunteers. My Great Grandfather and his one living Brother returned and travelled away from Ohio. My Great Grandfather was a well to do Carpenter....MORRIS HANFORD. HE HAD 3 children..CHARLES the Eldest was my Grandfather. This man is my Third Cousin. After receiving his Award He travelled to Missouri...Kansas City and visited the family bringing gifts from China. I was always fascinated with the gifts and his Picture.....I just learned a year or so ago about the Heroics that tied him and the Chinese Mementos all together on the Medal of Honor Military INFORMATION>>>>

I also found it interesting that most received it posthumously. It took four years of research and lots of LUCK to bring a family Picture in to clarity.