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Hannah Sophia Stickler was born 11 August 1871 in Pucklechurch, Bristol, England, United Kingdom to Charles Stickler (1832-1891) and Sarah Everett (1834-1912) and died 4 December 1923 of cancer. She married William Thomas Joint (1864-1932) 29 April 1901 at St.Mathews, Moorfields St.George in Bristol, England, United Kingdom. Ancestors are from the United Kingdom.

Hannah was born in 1871; her father was Charles Stickler (1842-1892), a miner at the Parkfield Colliery, Pucklechurch. However he came from a long line of 'cordwainers' or showmakers. Hannahs mother, Sarah Everett born 1835, from Breadstone, Gloucestershire died in 1912 at Dunkerry Road, Bedminster, Bristol.

In 1881 Hannah was a Scholar. When she married William Joint at St.Matthews, Moorfields, St.George, Bristol in 1901 they lived at Dunkerry Road, Windhill Hill, Bristol.

In 1923 Hannah died of cancer and was buried in Greenbank Cemetery, Bristol.


Offspring of Hannah Sophia Stickler and William Thomas Joint (1864-1932)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Albert Joint
William Joint (c1904-1969) 1904 1969
Olive Joint (c1906-?)
Kathleen Joint (c1908-1983)

Sources and notes

‡ General
  • Records and History predominantly searched out by John Stickler of America and John Richards of Bristol



Facts about "Hannah Sophia Stickler (1871-1923)"RDF feed
Age at death52 +
AncestryUnited Kingdom +
Birth blurb11 August 1871
Birth countyBristol +
Birth date11 August 1871 +
Birth date string11 August 1871
Birth day11 +
Birth latitude51.487 +
Birth localityPucklechurch +
Birth longitude-2.435 +
Birth month8 +
Birth nationUnited Kingdom +
Birth nation-subdiv1England +
Birth place Pucklechurch, Bristol, England, United Kingdom
Birth year1,871 +
Children-g1Albert Joint +, William Joint (c1904-1969) +, Olive Joint (c1906-?) + and Kathleen Joint (c1908-1983) +
Children-list1Albert Joint+William Joint (c1904-1969)+Olive Joint (c1906-?)+Kathleen Joint (c1908-1983)
ContributorsUser:Nathanville +
Contributors-display stringNathanville
Death blurb4 December 1923
Death causescancer +
Death date4 December 1923 +
Death date string4 December 1923
Death day4 +
Death latitude
Death longitude
Death month12 +
Death year1,923 +
Desc1Albert Joint +, William Joint (c1904-1969) +, Olive Joint (c1906-?) + and Kathleen Joint (c1908-1983) +
FatherCharles Stickler (1832-1891) +
Given nameHannah +
Ifmarried-g1true +
Joined withWilliam Thomas Joint (1864-1932) +
Joined with-g1William Thomas Joint (1864-1932) +
Long nameHannah Sophia Stickler +
Middle nameSophia +
MotherSarah Everett (1834-1912) +
Notable ancestors
Page language
SexF +
Short nameHannah Sophia Stickler +
SkillsDomestic Servent to Rosa Smith +
SourcesRecords and History predominantly searched out by John Stickler of America and John Richards of Bristol
Spouse latitude51.46 +
Spouse longitude-2.62 +
SurnameStickler +
Wedding1 date29 April 1901 +
Wedding1 day29 +
Wedding1 localityBristol +
Wedding1 month4 +
Wedding1 nationUnited Kingdom +
Wedding1 nation-subdiv1England +
Wedding1 place Bristol, England, United Kingdom
Wedding1 streetSt.Mathews, Moorfields St.George +
Wedding1 year1,901 +

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