Hans Larsson of Kjorkleiv
Sex: Male
Birth: Kjorkleiv farm
Farsund, Norway
Baptism: possibly Herad, Norway
Death: 1764
Farsund, Norway
Burial: possibly Herad, Norway
Father: Lars Olssen of Hauske (possibly)
Children: Peder Hansen (1727-?)
Hans Hansen I of Log (1729-1767)‎
Johannes Hansen (1731-?)
Christen Hansen (1734-?)

Hans Larsson of Kjorkleiv (c1705-1764)


One genealogy lists Hans' father as Lars Olssen of Hauske of Torvastad, Norway. While this is possible, there are no citations, and it should be noted that Torvastad and Farsund are over 135 miles apart.

Secondly, there appears to be no evidence that Hans was even born on Kjørkleiv farm. Note that there are no baptisms for Hans Larsson in Herad nor Lista, which show a father from Kjørkleiv.

The submitter of the information in question was a Mrs. Keith Swanson of Atlantic, Iowa. Ms. Swanson also has Hans' date of birth as circa 1686. It should be noted that baptismal records do not date back prior to 1692 for this part of Norway, so such contentions about Hans' birth and parentage could not easily be proven.



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