Hans Peder Olsen (1844-1919) of Egeland was a sea captain in Chicago, Illinois.

Name variationsEdit

  • Hans Peder Olsen Egeland
  • Hans Peter Olson on his death certificate


Birth and baptismEdit

He was born on April 17, 1844 and was baptized on April 28, 1844 at Herad parish in Farsund, Norway.



He left Norway around 1860. He appears to be making a trip back to Chicago, Illinois on February 28, 1874 from Norway.


He married Mary Nilsdatter Syversen Hagen (1854-1935) on December 17, 1879 in Chicago, Illinois. He was listed as "Hans P. Olson" and she was "Mary Seversen".

Sea Captain Edit

Norwegian Sailors on the Great Lakes: "H. P. Olson was captain of the schooner "H. B. Moore" in 1890."[1] The schooner sank in 1894.[2]


  • He died on December 15, 1919 in Chicago, Illinois under the name of "Hans Peter Olson". His certificate was number 6031673.

External linksEdit


  • 1844 Birth of Peter Olsen (1844-1892) at Egeland farm
  • 1874 Emigration to Chicago, Illinois on February 28, 1874
  • 1879 Marriage in Chicago
  • 1900 United States Census living in Chicago and working as a sea captain. He states that he arrived in 1860.
  • 1910 United States Census living in Chicago as "Hans P. Olson" working on "own living". He states that he arrived in 1863.
  • 1919 Death in Chicago, Illinois on December 15, 1919



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