Harold Thomas Arthur Stickler was born 9 March 1907 at St.Mathews, Moorfields in St George, Bristol, England, United Kingdom to Albert Thomas Arthur Stickler (1882-1910) and Maud Lilley Burgess (1875-1962) . He married Phyllis Annie Robinson 7 July 1927 in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. He married Alice Margaret Lavercombe (1923-1981) 1 June 1945 in Australia. Ancestors are from the United Kingdom.

Maud Lilley Burgess (1875-1962) wife of Albert Thomas Arthur Stickler - photo 1941

The family home built by Harold Thomas Arthur Stickler. Photo taken by Pat Stickler (his niece) in 1941 shows Maud Lilley Stickler (nee Burgess) standing on the steps in her best dress. At the time it was the best house in the street.

His first occupations were as a Carpenter then a Storekeeper. Later he became a Carpenter and owner of a Sawmill and he built the family home; which at the time was said to be the best house in the street.

Harold first married Phyllis Annie Robinson. They had one child, Norman Arthur Stickler (born 19th December 1927), but they divorced in 1942.

In the June of 1945 he then married Alice Margaret Lavercombe. She was previously married to an American soldier (2nd World War) and had one daughter by him (Priscilla Lavercombe). Harold and Alice had seven children, five boys and two girls; all the boys being given 'Arthur' as part of their name in honour of Harold's great-grandfather Thomas Arthur VC (c1835-1902).

Harold, in spite of a couple of operations slowly went blind and ended his days in a home; although the family brought him home for a few hours now and then, but unfortunately he had to stay at the residential home because of his blindness. His wife, Phyllis died on 18th March 1981.


Offspring of Harold Thomas Arthur Stickler and Phyllis Annie Robinson
Name Birth Death Joined with
Norman Arthur Stickler (1927-?)

Offspring of Harold Thomas Arthur Stickler and Alice Margaret Lavercombe (1923-1981)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Vivian Margaret Stickler
Harold Arthur Stickler
Lynette Lillian Stickler
Trevor Arthur Stickler
Warren Arthur Stickler
Terry William Arthur Stickler
John Wayne Arthur Stickler

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  • BDM Index ref for marriage: 1927 B1391