Harry Stevenson Whittle (1845 - 1911)


Harry Srevenson Whittle was born in Deptford (Greenwich), Kent in 1845. He married Alicia Charlotte Drake in Greenwich in 1868. Alicia was born in 1846 as a British Subject in France. The couple had the following children:

  • Walter Drake Whittle (1869)
  • Arthur Swan Whittle (1870)
  • Helen Mary Whittle (1871)
  • Kate Jean Whittle (1872 - 1938)
  • Thurston Whately Whittle (1875)
  • Ernest Drake Whittle (1877)
  • Blanche Therese Whittle (c.1879)
  • Herbert Drake Whittle (c. 1880)
  • Alfred Drake Whittle m. Isabella Edith McFarlane (d.1976)

Harry was a commercial clerk in the wine trade. He died aged sixty-six in Kent in 1911. His wife Alicia (1846 - 1924) died thirteen years later in Willesden.

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