Four or more generations of descendants of Helenus D Scott (1756-1821) if they are properly linked:
1. Helenus D Scott (1756-1821)

2. Augusta Maria Frederick Scott (c1798-1871)
3. Augusta Maria Mitchell (c1834-c1922)
4. Edward Alworth Mitchell Merewether (1862-1924)
4. Augusta Eliza Mitchell Merewether (c1863-1941)
4. Henry Alfred Mitchell Merewether (c1864-1916)
4. James W M Merewether (1865-1865)
4. Herbert James Mitchell Merewether (c1866-1920)
4. Mary Eleanor Mitchell Merewether (c1868-1942)
5. Annie Augusta Merewether Massy (c1899-1978) (more)
4. Hugh Hamilton Mitchell Merewether (c1870-1920)
4. Mabel Maud Mitchell Merewether (c1871-1948)
4. William David Mitchell Merewether (c1873-1953)
4. Frederick Lockyer Mitchell Merewether (c1877-1935)
3. David Scott Mitchell (1836-1907)
3. Margaret S Mitchell (c1840-?)
2. Robert Scott (c1799-1844)
2. Alexander Walker Scott (1800-c1883)
2. Helenus Scott (1802-1879)
3. Saranna Scott (c1837-?)
3. Helenus Scott (c1838-?)
3. Robert Scott (1841-1890)
3. Augusta M Scott (c1843-1880)
3. Walter Scott (c1844-?)
3. Amelia M Scott (c1846-?)
3. Rose Scott (1847-1925)
3. Alice Scott (c1851-1929)
4. Annie Rose Scott Hamilton (1879-?)
4. Edward S Hamilton (1880-c1881)
4. Terrick Elyston Scott Hamilton (c1881-?)
4. Alice Mary Scott Hamilton (1883-1968)
4. Charles Hamilton (1885-1961)
4. John Helenus Hamilton (1888-?)
4. Robert Reginald Scott Hamilton (1890-c1977)
3. George F Scott (?-c1916)
3. Mary A Scott (?-c1913)
2. David Charles Frederick Scott (1804-1881)
2. Patrick Scott (1808-1887)

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