Helge Alexander Haugan
Sex: Male
Birth: October 26, 1847, Christiania, Norway
Death: May 17, 1909, Cook County, Illinois
Father: Helge A. Haugan
Mother: Anna
Spouse/Partner: Laura A. Wardrum
Marriage: 1868

Haugan was a founding partner of Haugan & Lindgren and the founding president of the State Bank of Chicago. During 1858, Haugan had immigrated with his family to the United States from Norway. Initially he had operated a plumbing shop on Milwaukee Avenue. In 1879, with John R. Lindgren, he founded the private banking firm of Haugan & Lindgren. This bank specialized in serving the growing Scandinavian-American population in the Chicago area. In 1891, the bank was incorporated as the State Bank of Chicago. Following the death of Helge Haugan in 1909, his son Henry Alexander Haugan became president of the bank. Both Haugan Elementary School and Haugan Middle School in Chicago Public Schools District 299 are named for Helge A. Haugan.


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Name Birth Death

Oscar Hauman Haugan 1872
Lake View, IL

Henry A. Haugan

Charles M. Haugan