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See also an up to date introduction on the specialist site: smw:Help:Introduction to Semantic MediaWiki

The Semantic Forms, Semantic Drilldown, and Semantic Search extensions have been made available on this wiki. The input form for individuals became fairly workable early in 2010 and after several bad spells with software changes it improved in December 2012; searching has been available for longer.

You may check Forum:SMW and other forums or post a new query on the help desk about progress and use; if no response within 48 hours, try User:Thurstan or User:rtol (whichever one has been most active recently).

Wikia made SMW available but stated that "Wikia's Community Team cannot provide support on using it". By late 2012 Wikia had even deleted its "Help" page on the subject. We are on our own except for outside help (e.g. the official website) and occasionally other Wikia users who have some insight into how it works and why aspects of it do not always work.

It is not compatible with VisualEditor. The following posting from developer Yaron Koren explains:

"The issue with VisualEditor is that it's very "holistic". It doesn't just attach itself to an editing textarea, and deal with the wikitext contained there, as in the FCKeditor/CKEditor/"WYSIWYG" approach. Instead, it takes in the whole page, runs its own parser (i.e., the Parsoid tool) on it, and provides a viewing/editing interface around that. That's why you can't edit an individual section with VE - if you click on an "Edit" link for a section, with VE installed, you will still get the interface for editing the whole page; it will just scroll you down to the correct section within that page. That alone makes it seemingly impossible to get working with as an editor of the free text within Semantic Forms. However, this is apparently something that the developers of VE would like to add:


"So we'll see what the future holds, I suppose."



Technical documentationEdit

For information of interest to template writers, please consult Help:Semantic MediaWiki/technical pages.

Where is it usefully in use?Edit

Wikia sitesEdit

These Semantic extensions were recently in use on the following wikias that may be worth studying (and on a couple of dozen others as listed elsewhere):

  1. Common Sense
  2. Familypedia, the genealogy and family history wiki - "6,943,948 property values for a total of 740 different properties. 1,089 properties have an own page, and the intended datatype is specified for 1,061 of those." (at 29 August 2014)
  3. Giki (Government Wiki) - "95,347 property values for a total of 132 different properties. 113 properties have an own page, and the intended datatype is specified for 100 of those" at last look - still using SMW in August 2014
  4. Istaria
  5. Narutopedia - still using SMW in August 2014
  6. Psychology - still using SMW in August 2014
  7. Ragnarok Online 2 - "143,230 property values for a total of 55 different properties. 55 properties have an own page, and the intended datatype is specified for 55 of those" at last look - still using SMW in August 2014
  8. Soul Eater
  9. SporeWiki
  10. The World Ends With You - still using SMW in August 2014
  11. Yu-Gi-Oh - "235,273 property values for a total of 255 different properties. 376 properties have an own page, and the intended datatype is specified for 368 of those" at last look - still using SMW in August 2014

Wikiapiary lists over 1300 sites that use SMW, listing them by size order and with a column showing their "farm" (if any). Clearly Wikia is not the only wikifarm to allow SMW. See - then click "more semantic wikis" below the list of the top ten, and click the "descending" button on the "Farm" column, sorting the farms in reverse alpha order so as to show, near the top of the list, Wikia SMW sites in order of number of property values. Checking should reveal several ADDITIONS to the above oldish listing.

Non-Wikia sitesEdit

  • Comprehensive list of over 540 sites (October 2013) - and Wikia users should add their site if it's not there
  • List in size order on WikiApiary - in October 2013 the biggest is a Wikia in Lithuanian and we are 8th out of over 400 tabulated (well above WikiApiary itself)
  • Historiographus - a history of science etc; "This wiki contains 3,405 property values for a total of 153 different properties. 195 properties have an own page, and the intended datatype is specified for 121 of those." (26 May 2009)
  • JewAge - Jewish genealogy site using Semantic MediaWiki; "This wiki contains 377,751 property values for a total of 96 different properties. 87 properties have an own page, and the intended datatype is specified for 86 of those." (5 Sep 2009) - but over 8 million property values by December 2015
  • Roux family in South Africa using Semantic Forms; "This wiki contains 6,459 property values for a total of 20 different properties. 23 properties have an own page, and the intended datatype is specified for 23 of those." (26 May 2009)

Until redirected in September 2010, the help page on Wikia Help said what we have now copied to a subpage: former help page

External linksEdit

es:Ayuda:Semantic MediaWiki

The following box contains Wikia's general help about software extensions. Since Wikia no longer allows SMW to be added to more wikis, the Help page has been redirected.

Extensions are features and add-ons developed for MediaWiki, the software platform that Wikia runs on. They are designed by third-party developers (that is to say, not Wikia or MediaWiki staff) for the purpose of either expanding the function of a wiki or overriding a built-in MediaWiki feature for customization purposes.

How to request an extension

First, verify that the extension you are looking for does not exist already on your wikia. You can check this by going to Special:Version and looking under the "installed extensions" section or checking the extension's parser function or tag against the "tags" and "hooks" section at the bottom of that page. Wikia already has a significant number of extensions enabled by default.

Many other extensions are already in our codebase and can be enabled upon request. You can check what extensions Wikia offers later in this page. Some basic content tools, such as Maps and Variables, are automatically enabled by staff. Other complex extensions, such as DPL, usually have a staff member ask a few questions to ensure that the extension you are asking for is in fact the ideal solution. Other extensions, where wikia configuration may be dramatically changed (such as Abuse Filter), will be enabled at staff discretion depending on the context of the request.

If Wikia does not offer a particular extension, you may request our engineering staff to investigate installing it by using Special:Contact and linking to the MediaWiki extension page along with some rationale as to why it's needed. Please be aware that our engineering staff may take a few months to review the extension and that most extensions will be rejected. This is mainly due to the amount of rewriting an extension would face to live on the Wikia codebase servers. As such, it's always good to ask yourself when looking at an extension on if the extension is up to date, is well-maintained, and allows for a caching layer. If the answer to any of these questions is no, chances are we will not be able to install the extension.

List of extensions

Users and admins

Deleted user contributions
Gives sysops the ability to browse a user's deleted edits
Help:Global CSS and JS
Adds global user CSS and JavaScript to a page, fetched from Community Central
Displays edit count of a user

Wiki tools

AJAX based gadget to display the category structure of a community
Allows creation of JavaScript box for inserting non-standard characters
DPL-based forum extension using article pages.
Timeline extension
Adds <googlespreadsheet> tag for Google Docs' spreadsheets display
Allows client-side clickable image maps using <imagemap> tag
Allow inclusion of predefined HTML forms
Adds <ref[ name=id]> and <references/> tags, for citations
Search for Weblinks
Get list of most popular articles
Get list of most popular categories
Allows users to upload up to 20 files at once
Enhance parser with logical functions
Adds <poem> tag for poem formatting
Set up single-choice polls.
Provides a random media picker using <randomimage />
Displays a random option from the given set
RSS feed extension
Displays an RSS feed on a wikia page
TabView and Tabber
Methods for having "tabbed" content
Editors can create timelines of events using this tool's syntax.
Video Embed Tool
Embeds videos from YouTube, Metacafe and many other sites, and adds Video pages
Syntax to display hieroglyph
Embeds YouTube and Google Video movies

Spam and blocking

Simple spambot blocking mechanism
Simple captcha implementation
Regular Expression Name Block
Alternate user block (by given name, using regular expressions, controlled globally)
Regular Expression Spam Block
Filters out unwanted phrases in edited pages, based on regular expression
Regex based anti url spam tool

Other tools

Dynamic box which allow users to login and remind password
Adding meta-description tag containing snippet of the Article
Allow users to upload new files directly from edit page
Allows drawing "shared" template messages from the shared DB
Shared Help
Provides the Help namespace pages from this wikia into all wikia sites (controlled globally)
Provides an interface for sending messages seen on all wikia sites
Code syntax highlighter - supports many languages

On request

This is a non-comprehensive list of MediaWiki extensions that are available upon request at Wikia. See also "Extensions enabled on request" category.

Tool for automatically catching non-constructive edits.
Allows for embedding of a calendar into wikia pages.
Universal reporting tool for wikias, which adds the <dpl> tag
Maps Extension
Easily create maps with wiki-fied markers
Allows you to define a variable on a page then use it later in that same page.


Grants users with the appropriate permission the ability to check user's IP addresses and other information (This is generally a staff-only tool, but some administrators of big wikis also have access to it.)
Protect site
Allows a site administrator to temporarily block various site modifications (this is enabled as deemed needed)
Semantic MediaWiki
Used on a few dozen Wikia sites (including some of the biggest) until further notice, but problematical, never officially supported, and no longer requestable. Its "Help" page on this wiki redirects here, but discussion may be best confined to the SMW Test Wiki.

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