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This page is designed to be an easy step-by-step tutorial to follow for those who need help using this wikia.

Editing a wikiEdit

A wiki is a type of website that anyone can edit. If you can type and click, you can edit almost every page on this Wikia site. (Pages you cannot edit include stuff for administrators, so you don't really need to be concerned about those.)

To edit part of a page, click the [edit] button on a section title. You can also edit a whole page at once using the "edit" tab or button at the top or side of the page. When the edit box opens, type away just as in a word-processing program (with minor variations). Then hit the Preview button, then the Publish button.

For more information on editing, see our Help:Editing page.

Now that you know the basics, you may want to create a page about one or more of your ancestors. But first, if you do not have an account, it is strongly recommended that you create one. It's free and safe. Click here to read all the advantages.

Creating pages about peopleEdit

Before creating an article on your ancestors, check whether there may be some pages about them already created.

Start with the "Search" box. Type your ancestor's name in, then click "Go" or hit your Enter key. If you recognize a name, click on the article. If you get dozens of hits listed, and the first few seem unrelated to your person, you may try the surnames category.

Go to our Surname index, which includes thousands of surnames. Use the navigator (the box with the letters) on the page to quickly find a surname, so as not to jump from page to page.

If your ancestor does not have an article yet, you can create one. Go to Help:Articles/start and choose the appropriate option.

You can and should link people to other people and make pages about their relatives. You can also link that person's page to all places mentioned. If you are able to use the standard input form, that will be fairly easy.

Once you've created an article, you can reopen its edit box to make changes to it for any improvements/updates you may have. So can anyone else. See Help:Articles.

Creating pages about surnamesEdit

See Help:Surname

Help the rest of us to help youEdit

After some use of this and other "Help" pages, you may still have problems or may see that something might be easier if rewritten. Please see Forum:Help improve the help pages and add your comments.

Help for administrators Edit

See Help:Administrators' how-to guide

Below are some helpful videos for Wikia trainings, tips, and tricks. Be sure to check out Wikia University for more Wikia learning!

How-To Videos

Quick-start videos to get you going on Wikia.

Getting Started Editing

Tour the Wikia Editor03:27

Tour the Wikia Editor

Wiki Design & Theme

Wikia University - Introduction to Theme Designer02:00

Wikia University - Introduction to Theme Designer

Granting Admin Rights

Granting admin rights on your wiki01:53

Granting admin rights on your wiki

Intro to Templates

Introduction to Templates03:40

Introduction to Templates

Wiki Navigation

How to edit your wiki's navigation03:32

How to edit your wiki's navigation

Wiki Features

How To Wiki Features02:02

How To Wiki Features

Use a mobile device to view Wikia? Check out these videos.

Is your wiki mobile friendly?

Wikia How To - Making Your Wikia Mobile Friendly04:22

Wikia How To - Making Your Wikia Mobile Friendly

Game Guides App

Game Guides App How To04:17

Game Guides App How To

My Wikia iPad App

My Wikia - How To02:15

My Wikia - How To

Mobile Apps & Browser Webinar

Wikia Mobile Apps & Skin35:30

Wikia Mobile Apps & Skin


Wikia Webinars are monthly presentations provided by the Community Support team to provide live educational sessions that include best practices, pro tips, and introductions to new features. Below is a subset of Webinar recordings. You can see all recordings and register for upcoming webinars here.

Videos on Your Wiki

Videos on your wiki17:08

Videos on your wiki

Project Darwin

Wikia Support - Introduction to Darwin38:58

Wikia Support - Introduction to Darwin

Wikia Copyright

Wikia Copyright Basics Webinar46:24

Wikia Copyright Basics Webinar

Advanced Customizations

Advanced Ways to Customize Your Wiki Webinar43:38

Advanced Ways to Customize Your Wiki Webinar

Templates Overview

Templates Overview25:30

Templates Overview

Social Media & Your Wiki

Social Media & Your Wiki40:41

Social Media & Your Wiki

Online Privacy Overview

Online Privacy Overview37:29

Online Privacy Overview

Further help and feedback

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