Hendrick Andries Hopper (bef1656-aft1690)

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Hendrick Andries Hopper (bef1656-aft1690)
Hendrick Andries Hopper
Sex: Male
Birth: before 1656
Death: after 1690
Father: Andries Willemze Hopper (1622-1659)
Mother: Grietje ? (bef1635-aft1656)
Siblings: Catrina Hopper (c1651-?)
Hendrickje Hoppper (c1653-?)
Wilhelm Hopper (c1654-?)
Adolphus Mathias Hopper (c1658-?)
Spouse/Partner: Maritje Janse Van Blarcom (bef1661-aft1724)
Children: Rachel Hendrickse Hopper (1690-aft1716)


Marriage to Maritje Van BlarcomEdit

Hendrick married Maritje Janse Van Blarcom (bef1661-aft1724).

Children by Maritje Van BlarcomEdit

Hendrick and Maritje are known to have had at least one daughter, Rachel Hendrickse Hopper (1690-aft1716).

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