• Born: 6 December 1795 Laar, Grafschaft-Bentheim, Hanover, Prussia
  • Died: 17 April 1889 Laar, Grafschaft-Bentheim, Hanover, Prussia
  • Burial: 20 April 1889 Laar, Grafschaft-Bentheim, Hanover, Prussia


  • At age 17, Hendrik Jan was conscripted into Napoleon's Army in 1812 for failed invasion of Russia and served under Napoleon for 3 years thereafter, to 1815.[1] Hendrik Jan was one of the very few in Napoleon's Army to survive this invasion. He told his children and grandchildren it was because the French will eat anything, thus they find food quickly and return to fighting... but the Prussians were more particular about what they put into their mouths, so it took longer to find food and thus they were always more to the back, not on the front lines of battle.



3 December 1821 Laar, Grafschaft-Bentheim, Hanover, Prussia


  1. Jennigien Langejans (1822- )
  2. Gezina Langejans (1824-1874)
  3. Hendrik Jan Langejans (1826)
  4. Albert Langejans (1829-1829)
  5. Ultien "Aale" Langejans (1833)
  6. Jan Langejans (1836-1883)

Notes and referencesEdit

  1. ^ Familienbericht Hendrik Jan Langejans, Ortsfamilien-Datenbank Laar ( accessed 8 May 2012

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