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Henry Antone Dahl I (1915-1966) circa 1950

Dahl-Henry Christensen-Edith 1960 circa n original

1965 circa

Henry Antone Dahl I (1915-1966) was a carpenter. (b. January 15, 1915, Staten Island, Richmond County, New York, USA - d. 1966, Staten Island, Richmond County, New York, USA)


His parents emigrated from Norway and lived on Staten Island


Staten IslandEdit

In 1930 the family was living at 49 Mann Avenue in West New Brighton on Staten Island in New York. Karl senior was working at a carpenter.


He married Edith Christiansen (1918-1986) in 1931 and had three children.



He died in 1966.


He was cremated and his ashes were scattered.

Memories about Henry Antone Dahl IEdit

Edward Peder Dahl wrote in 2005: "My Dad in the true Viking tradition was cremated and then [my wife and I], Sonny, Karl and Eddie's three sons went on his favorite fishing boat and gave him back to the sea."

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