See also Henry II of England (1133-1189)/tree, which shows a better tree with less demand on the servers.

Hugues du Perche (-c1000)
Geoffrey II of Gâtinais (999-1046)
Beatrice de Macon (974-1030)
Fulk IV, Count of Anjou (1043-1109)
Fulk III, Count of Anjou (972-1040)
Ermengarde of Anjou (c1018-1076)
Hildegarde de Beaugency (c990-)
Fulk I of Jerusalem (c1090-1143)
Amaury I de Montfort (c990-1053)
Simon I de Montfort (c1030-1087)
Betrade de Gometz (bef1025-)
Bertrade de Montfort (c1059-1117)
Richard d'Évreux (-1067)
Agnes d'Évreux (c1040-)
Godehilde (-aft1055)
Geoffrey V, Count of Anjou and Maine (1113-1151)
Jean de Beaugency (?-1097)
Élie I du Maine (c1042-1110)
Herbert I du Maine (c980-1036)
Paule du Maine (c1012-c1059)
Paula de Preuilly (c980-c1025)
Ermengarde of Maine (-1126)
Gervais II de Château-du-Loir (-c1095)
Mathilde de Château-du-Loir (-1099)
Eremburge (-c1090)
Henry II of England (1133-1189)
Richard II, Duke of Normandy (963-1027)
Robert II, Duke of Normandy (c1000-1035)
Judith of Brittany (982-1017)
William I of England (1027-1087)
Fulbert de Falaise (c971-1017)
Herleva of Falaise (1003-1050)
Doda (c976-1003)
Henry I of England (1068-1135)
Baldwin IV of Flanders (980-1036)
Baldwin V of Flanders (1012-1067)
Ogive von Luxemburg (c990-1036)
Matilda of Flanders (c1031-1083)
Robert II of France (972-1031)
Adèle of France (1009-1079)
Constance of Arles (986-1034)
Matilda of Normandy (1102-1167)
Crínán, Abbot of Dunkeld (-1045)
Duncan I of Scotland (1001-1040)
Bethóc of Scotland (c980-)
Malcolm III of Scotland (c1031-1093)
Suthen (c1001-)
Matilda of Scotland (c1080-1118)
Edmund II Ironside of England (bef993-1016)
Edward Æþeling of England (1016-1057)
Ealdgyth (c992-aft1016)
Margaret of Wessex (c1045-1093)
Agatha (bef1030-aft1070)

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