William Longsword, 2nd Duke of Normandy (893-942)
Richard I, Duke of Normandy (933-996)
Richard II, Duke of Normandy (963-1027)
Gunnora, Duchess of Normandy (c936-1031)
Robert II, Duke of Normandy (c1000-1035)
Judicael Berengar (-bef979)
Conan I of Rennes (927-992)
Judith of Brittany (982-1017)
Geoffrey I of Anjou (-987)
Ermengarde of Anjou (bef967-)
Adele of Meaux (c950-c980)
William I of England (1027-1087)
Fulbert de Falaise (c971-1017)
Herleva of Falaise (1003-1050)
Doda (c976-1003)
Henry I of England (1068-1135)
Baldwin III of Flanders (940-962)
Arnulf II of Flanders (c960-988)
Mathilde Billung (c940-1008)
Baldwin IV of Flanders (980-1036)
Berengar II of Italy (900-966)
Rozela di Ivrea (955-c1003)
Willa of Arles (912-970)
Baldwin V of Flanders (1012-1067)
Siegfried von Luxemburg (c922-998)
Friedrich I von Luxemburg (965-1019)
Hedwig von Nordgau (937-992)
Ogive von Luxemburg (c990-1036)
Heribert von der Wetterau (925-992)
Irmtrud von Gleiberg (972-aft985)
Irmentrud von Hamaland (c950-)
Matilda of Flanders (c1031-1083)
Hugh the Great (898-956)
Hugh Capet (c940-996)
Hadwig von Sachsen (c917-959)
Robert II of France (972-1031)
William III of Aquitaine (c900-963)
Adelaide of Aquitaine (c945-1004)
Gerloc de Normandie (c912-962)
Adèle of France (1009-1079)
Boson II of Arles (928-968)
Guillaume I de Provence (956-993)
Constance de Provence (920-c964)
Constance of Arles (986-1034)
Fulk II, Count of Anjou (?-958)
Adelaide of Anjou (c947-1026)
Gerberge of Maine (?-?)

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