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  • Researchers of the Messerly lineage are interested in the Soving family because of the co-occurance of their immigrations. Both Henry (by occupation & cohabitation) and his sister (by marriage) are tightly associated with the Messerly family of Basil Ohio. If their families in Switzerland tie them to a city that could be the origin of Nicholas Messerly (1793), then there would be stronger coroborative evidence for Nicholas's point of origin.

Documentation notesEdit for SwitzerlandEdit

  • negative any Soving's in Switzerland
  • Hits on Sovin, Sauvin.
  • Henri Sauvain, in 1810, but would be pronounced differently, and besides, this guy died in Switzerland.
  • negatives- similar names any date, any continetal europe- Sovein sauving, Sauvien, Sauveen, Sauvean, Sauvine, Sauveing (2-France- wrong century), Sovine (1-Julia), Sovien, Soveen, Sovean, Soveng, Soveing, Sovieng,Soven, Schoving Schovin (9 hits-no henry, ester or Marie. hits all France), 5 schoving (all france, one marie but 1804), Suving, suvine, sahvine, sahving suhving, suhveng
  • Hit on Ester Sauvain, but 1841 birth. Our Ester has to be ca 1831
  • Hit Henry Melanjoie dit Savoie, 1826 but married Philippine Chatelain in 1846.
  • no Ester births in switzerland with similar last names for 1829-33.