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On baptism certificate: his name was Henry, born 18th October, 1853the baptism ceremony was held on 20th November 1853, Bathurst Circuit, County of Bathurst, NSW. His parents are listed as Charles and Agnes Whitley (note the variation on spelling) are from Orange and Charles was a farmer. It was a Wesleyan baptism.

On marriage certificate: bridegroon - Henry Whiteley, farmer, lived 'near Orange', bachelor. Bride - Mary Ann Dobson, lived 'near Orange', spinster. Consent for Mary given by her father Josiah Dobson, father of the bride. Celebrant was F.B. Boyce, officiating minister, according to rites of Church of England and witnessed by Charles Whiteley and Isabella Whiteley. Registered at Orange.

On death certificate: Henry died at Moore Street Liverpool. He was a labourer and 82 years old. He died of senile debility, his medical attendant was J. Pirie (Registered) and he last saw him the day before his death. Henry's father was Charles Whiteley, Labourer, and mother was Agnes Tinnock. The informant was Henry Goninan, Grandson, Moore Street, Liverpool. The death was registered by Bertha M. Long on 20th November 1934, Liverpool. He was buried on 21st November 1934 at the Church of England Cemetery at Liverpool, the undertaker was Frank Murphy, employed by Wood Coffill Limited. Henry was born at Orange, and married at Orange at 25 years to Mary Ann Jobson. His children are listed as Alexamder 57 years, Mary 46, Margaret M. 43, Charles 41, Agnes 36, Ernest 33, Thomas 28 living, 2 males and 1 female deceased.


  1. NSW Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages 408 Vol: 159 (Baptism); 4262 5 (Marriage); 1934/021057 105 (Death)



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