Glade Hollow, Thwaites and Kellog 1905:402 Glade Hollow, Summers 1929:1424 Maiden Springs, Thwaites and Kellog 1905:403
Last, First, Rank Last, First, Rank Last, First, Rank
Able Jeremiah Able Jeremiah
Bowen Rees Bowen Rees
Brown Robert Brown, Robert Sergeant
Brumley Thomas Brumley Thomas
Bustar William Bustar William
Byrd Richard Byrd Richard
Cooper Abraham Cooper Abraham
Cooper Francis Cooper Francis
Coyle James Coyl James
Cravens James Cravens James
Cravens John Cravens John
Cravens Joseph Cravens Robert
Cravens Robert Cravens, Joseph Sergeant
Crisman Isaac Crisman Isaac
Douglas James Douglas James
Dunkin John Sergeant Dunkin John
Dutton Phillip Dutton Phillip (1)
Ferrill William Ferrill William
Flintham John Flintham John
Fowler Samuel Fowler Samuel
Horn Joseph Horn Joseph
Jameson John Jameson John
Lammy Andrew Lammy Andrew
Litton Soloman Litton Soloman
McCarty James McCarty James
M'Clehany James M'Clehany James
Newland John (1)
Moore Hendly Ensign Moore Hendly Ensign
Paxton Samuel Paxton Samuel (1)
Pharis William Pharis William
Price James Price Jeremiah
Pricket Drury Pricket Drury
Rogers James Rogers James
Scott Archibald Scott Archibald
Scott James Scott James
Thomspon Richard Thompson William
Ward David Ward David
Willis Henry Willis Henry
Wilmoth William Wilmoth William
Woods Archibald Woods Archibald

(1) T&K list Price, Paxton, and Dutton with the Maiden Srpings roster but were first listed on 14 September, and discharged on the 22nd. A note appended to T&K's table indicates that they were actually assigned to Whittens Big Crab Orchard Fort. (2) T&K list this person as "James Price". He appears to be the same person that Summers lists as "Jeremy Price".

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