Henry Woolsey Jr.
Sex: M
Birth: 1797
Death: 1858
Father: Henry Woolsey, Rev. (1767-1848)
Mother: Sarah Ann Woolsey (1762-1839)
Spouse/Partner: Polly Summers (1801-1872)


Susanna, Sarah, Cordelia, Mary, John, Keziah Woolsey (1841-1911)[1]


- There is a "Henry Woolsey, Jr" listed for the 1830 US Census for Cuyhoga County, Ohio, and a "Henry Woolsey" listed on the 1820 census for the same county. "Henry Woolsey" is also listed for the 1840 US Census for Lake County, Ohio.

- Willoughby Township was part of Cuyahoga County, Ohio until 1840 when it became part of Lake County, Ohio. [2]

Burial Willoughby Village Cemetery [3]