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  • Born: January 13, 1827, Harrison County, WV (Obituary)
  • Married:
    • 1) February 20, 1845, Mary Jane Swearingen
    • 2) June 3, 1852 Rebecca Ellen Wilson (both marriages based on Obituary)
  • Died: April 29, 1912, Burlingame KS (Obituary)
  • Burial: The funeral services were held at the home of Oliver Stout at one o'clock on Tuesday, April 30, conducted by Rev. C. E. Holcombe, and the burial was in the Burlingame cemetery (Obituary)


x is the son/daughter of Name (?-?) and Name (?-?).


  1. Mary Jane Swearingen (?-1850) (died Oct. 18, 1850)
  2. Rebecca Ellen Wilson (?-?)

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